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Applications Maintenance & Support – AMS

Enhance stability, lower support costs and reduce total cost of ownership.
Our portfolio-based approach takes a big-picture view of technology, information architecture, people and services. We collaborate with you to understand your business, processes and applications. Más Información…

Application Management

Sintesys Global can analyse your business processes from an operations perspective and then develop a strategic and tactical plan to modernize and integrate disparate platforms, deploy vertical market and sector-specific solutions that result in cost reduction, quality improvement, and business process optimization. Más Información…

Managed DBA Services

Our Managed DBA Services team can administer your database functions for you. From system optimization to security, successful database administration requires expertise. With Sintesys Global you get qualified Database Administrator (DBA). Más Información…

Virtual Desktop Services (VDI)

Instead of patching and troubleshooting dozens or hundreds of laptops or desktops, all with varying configurations and operating systems, the work is done on a centralized server, saving hardware, software and operations support expenses. Más Información…

SintesysGlobal make it simple

Sintesys Global hold the  applications experience, advice, management, and support   to improve performance, lower operating costs by 15-35% and transform your IT area into a competitive advantage.

Discover more benefits:

  • Multi-level and multi-location simultaneous monitoring
  • Monitoring of Website transactions and Web form submittals
  • Real-time monitoring of key System Administration parameters
  • Production application support
  • User application support
  • Performance monitoring of multi-step applications
  • Management and tracking of patches and upgrades
  • Increase availability with 24x7x365 application monitoring and management services
  • Increase the efficiency of mission critical web applications