IT Staffing and Recruitment of IT professionals for Advisory & IT Management

We help you with the IT Managers & Consultants recruiting and staffing services so you can start / continue your project smoothly.

Positions we staff include:

  • Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Development Professionals
  • CIO
  • Computer Manager
  • Consultants
  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Head Of Information Systems
  • Head Of IT
  • Information Technology Director
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • IT Leader
  • Manager Sourcing
  • Managers
  • Network Manager
  • Project Assistants
  • Project Managers
  • Purchase Manager
  • Sales
  • Senior Consultants
  • Vendor Management


IT Staffing Solutions:

With our Staff Augmentation Service we draw from our own database of qualified candidates to help you find temporary professionals that fit seamlessly with your team and your goals.
Our IT professionals are screened to meet your specific needs – across every skill set and in any discipline.

This service focuses mainly on critical positions that are extremely difficult to fill so that we take seriously understanding your business, technical environment and culture to help you identify highly experienced IT professionals that match with your organization’s culture, quickly.
We work with positions on a temporary basis and direct hire positions by streamlining the entire process for you.

You can benefit from our economy of scale, Off-shore and Nearshore IT infrastructure, knowledge and support, to have state of the art facilities at a low cost.
Your team is recruited by yourself and on your own payroll and SintesysGlobal takes care of the facilities and infrastructure.

Increase your own onsite team capacity with one or more people in our locations (USA, Canada, Mexico and Spain). Owned by Sintesys Global, but specifically hired, and dedicated working for you as a dedicated and integral part of your onsite team. The product, project and team management will be controlled on site by you.
SintesysGlobal helps you in individual people management to overcome the geographical challenge & to implement your way of working in your offshore team.