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Website Auditing Services 
It can cover user experience (UX) and usability, content and information architecture strategies, competitor benchmarking, SEO and much more.
The output is a detailed report, which will include our digital consultancy and recommendations for optimisation work.

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Web Usability Audit

Understanding and identifying audiences and stakeholders is the first step to creating a highly usable website.

This is achieved through:

  • Audience analysis
  • Perception audits
  • Stakeholder requirements gathering

Then, identifying key areas:

  • Current web statistics analysis
  • Copy and language usage audits
  • Navigational structures and methodologies
  • Modelling the user experience
  • User assistance techniques
  • Web response times
  • Broken links

Web Standards Compliancy Audit

This involves looking at the current standard of web page coding and mark-up:

  • Appropriate use of international coding standards
  • Current compliance to standards
  • Beyond compliance, looking at well presented mark up
  • Cross browser performance
  • Cross platform performance
  • Responsive and adaptive performance

Web Accessibility Audit

We will analyse your sites availability to the widest possible audience to maximise economic benefit and ensure legal compliance with the DDA.

  • Detailed WAI/WCAG A, AA and AAA conformance level reports
  • Analysis of website delivery for adaptive technologies and subsequent enhancements
  • Developing long term accessibility strategies
  • Advertising conformance logos

Web Information Architecture Audit

We will look beyond the navigational structure of a website and analyse the management of information:

  • Use of Taxonomy
  • Meta tagging, including Dublin Core standards
  • Methods for encouraging browsing by subject matter, not simply by navigational structure
  • Search engine ranking and optimisation

Web Branding Audit

We will look at managing your branding requirements on line:

  • Visual design
  • Branding guidelines
  • Branding and design consistency

Web Business Process Audit

Looking at wider business processes and their relationship with the web:

  • Aligning web strategy to business strategy
  • e-Marketing
  • Site promotion
  • ROI
  • Competitive positioning
  • Analysing business process and potential benefits of moving these online
  • Application of new technologies to enhance business process

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